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All of the NFBKC drafts in 2017-18 will be held online, using the Sportshub Technologies draft software. After signing up for any event, owners will be allowed to set their player default list in the order they want by going to the DRAFT link on your team page, then DRAFT PREP. There you can move the players in the order you want them to appear in your NFBKC draft room. If you do multiple events, that player default list will show up the same way you last saved it each time.

The NFBKC draft room opens up the day of your draft, so you will have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the draft room. Just highlight the player you want to draft and hit the Draft Player button.

Spots are limited for all of these Online events, so don't delay if you want to compete in the 2017-18 NFBKC. SIGN UP NOW!!

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Contact Greg Ambrosius or Tom Kessenich at (715) 254-5553 or (715) 254-5559. Or email Greg at [email protected] and Tom at [email protected]